9 Asana Hacks & Shortcuts

It's no secret that one of my favourite programs for managing my workflow is Asana. Between the colour coding, tagging & searching, private and client workspaces... I was already in love with the robust (and free!) project management program.

If you're a systems nerd like me, addicted to anything and everything that can give you even a few seconds of time back in your workflow, you're going to dig these nine Asana hacks and shortcuts.

Open up your Asana account in a new tab and have a play with these shortcuts and hacks!


Pssst! Want a PDF cheatsheet to keep handy on your desk?

9 Asana Hacks & Shortcuts | via @bizsystems

1. Put colon at the end of a task to turn it into a section.


2. Press Tab + M to assign a task to yourself.


3. Press Tab + H to heart the selected task


4. Press Tab + D to set a due date for the selected task


5. Press Tab + / to open the search field


6. Press Tab + X on a selected task to enter Focus mode and hide the sidebar & toolbars


7. Press Tab + Q to add a quick task


8. Email directly into an Asana project, with the email subject becoming the task name


9. The entire catalogue under the Hacks tab

Get the PDF cheatsheet to print out and keep on your desk.

Jess May

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