How Bosses Use Asana: Elle from Juju Creative Hub

How Bosses Use Asana - Elle from Juju Creative Hub

Ever wondered how the other half use Asana?

I had the pleasure of chatting to Elle of Juju Creative Hub about how she uses Asana as an everyday, integral part of the workflow for her team. Elle's agency gives female lady bosses an impression to leave on the digital world, through branding, marketing and beautiful design - you can just imagine how hectic their workflows can get! 

We talked about:

  • how Elle found Asana and how long she's been using it (right back to her corporate days!)
  • the way Asana structures the workflows at JuJu Creative Hub (+ she shows us behind-the-scenes)

If you're a branding coach, a designer or a frazzled, hot mess business owner, this interview is for you.

Here's the blog post that shows you how to email directly into Asana, as promised in the interview!

Jess May

Indigo Assistant, Turntable Lane, Yackandandah, VIC, 3749