Create A Blog Topics Swipe File in Evernote

Create A Blog Topics Swipe File in Evernote

I have a billion blog post ideas saved away in my Evernote account, ready for the day that I sit down with a coffee and make magic from my fingertips on the keyboard.

But, I remember the days of having Post-It Note City attached to the edge of my computer screen, in the bottom of my handbag, on my pin board and written in one of the hundreds of notebooks I have (Addiction to stationery? Um, yes).

So, to keep them all together and ready to go exactly when I am, I created a swipe file notebook in Evernote.

A 'swipe file' is a collection of things that you want to replicate or use for your own inspiration.

Keeping a swipe file for your blog posts means you can collect inspiration as you think of it. The pressure is off to come up with an idea for a blog post on the day you're wanting to send it live!

Jump into Evernote and create your own Swipe File now. You can get started brainstorming blog post ideas straight away!

Jess May

Indigo Assistant, Turntable Lane, Yackandandah, VIC, 3749