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"... there’s a very, very good chance that the revenue you’re bringing in right now is the revenue your business is currently designed to bring in."
Tara Gentile needs to talk you about 6, 7 and 8-figure businesses. Are they really that far out of reach? What's holding us back from achieving that? Read More

"I’m all for firing clients when necessary. But I’m also all about taking responsibility for things I’m doing wrong that are making projects less enjoyable for everyone. You should be too."
There sure are people who fit the Clients From Hell bill, but the onus isn't always on them. Erin E. Flynn shared a great post on taking a good, hard look at ourselves and asking, "am I driving my clients nuts?". Read More

"do Dumbledore’s Army, not Umbridge’s Defense Against the Dark Arts"
If you're looking to add workshops to your business model, create it to be interactive and to hands-on teach your clients something, right there and then. Here's some practical tips from the Being Boss website. Read More

"... urging her employees to use what she has dubbed ‘Rebalance Leave’ to prioritise their health and families."
We're building our business on new models that push the boundaries of what employment looks like, so let's match that with leave schemes and employee benefits. Collective Hub published one of my favourite articles of last month on unique leave options. Someone sign me up for Ferris Bueller Day, please? Read More

"Using social media without a business strategy means you be effectively lower your hourly rate one status update at a time."
Social media is a brilliant PR tool if you're using it strategically, and Kyla Roma's article on profitable social media offers huge clarity on using your platforms to their best. Read More

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