1 | Sunday Links

Every Sunday I share with you the articles I've been hoarding all week. Sit down with your Sunday cuppa and gather some wisdom from other creatives in the know.

  1. "Moody, muted, but bold, it brings out the complementary colors of rosy highlights & blue-toned shadows, embracing his approach of honest and emotive storytelling."
    I'm a huge indie music fan, so when an artist like Ta-ku teams up with the image editing app VSCO it almost certain that I'm going to love the outcome. When industries mix, inspiration abounds! Check out these presets for your next VSCO editing sprint.
  2. "Your lack of time is usually a business model problem in disguise."
    Time is money and you just don't have enough time to make more. Are you really that busy though? This guest teacher post over at MNIB Consulting has uber practical exercises to help you prioritise what you're spending your time doing.
  3. "Consciously crafting the perception others have of you and your business is equally as important as is selecting the right marketing channels."
    You can market your ass off, but if you're not being perceived in the way you want to it will all be for nothing. You need to be coming across the right way for the right people if you want to be the first choice in your industry and this article from Raspberry Magazine lays it all out.
  4. "Link In Profile provides a single link to use in my bio for ALL of the URLS that I share via Instagram.  The link leads visitors to a special landing page where they can get all of my goodies. "
    Hands up who sometimes forgets to change the link in their Instagram profile? Yep, me too. Seems a bit of a waste to change it every time you post something new or want your followers to listen to another call to action. Enter, Link In Profile! Big thanks to Stephanie at Small Talk Social for this ripper of a recommendation.
  5. "A lot of creatives think that hiring someone to manage such front-facing content will make their business less them. I want to encourage you to reframe that mindset."
    When I was making the decision whether to keep wading through the work or taking the plunge and hiring someone, the fear of having someone else representing me and my work was overwhelming. Thankfully I got over that and hired Rachel, but I wish I'd seen this post by Emily at Being Boss before freaking myself out.