"If you use someone else's cookie cutter, you biz biscuits will taste like shit."

Hey dream client,

I hear you tell me that you'll implement systems when you have time... which will be never unless you implement systems.

You're a creative who's been in business for a while now. You've picked up momentum and are feeling a bit stretched in terms of staying organised and accountable. You're feeling a bit pushed for time every day, you lose files every so often, forget about little tasks and are super close to missing deadlines because you're trying to store everything in your head.

You go through weeks where you are just totally on the ball, and then other weeks where you just can't seem to get organised.

You're not broken. Your systems are.

Coming from a corporate background, systems were the first thing I implemented as an entrepreneur. Working as an administrator in transport and construction meant I lived my days tied to deadlines. Receptionists don't get enough credit - we run that show! Maintaining staff calendars, taking calls, tracking emails and correspondence... I was on top of it all.

I use those skills to help you run your business like a business, with strategy and systems to give you back more time to make your money.

I really want you to know that:

  • we go through seasons where our time needs & priorities change. Honour it. 
  • you don't need to be on every platform or use every app. You don't even need to systemise digitally.
  • it is never too late to start organising your business. There is always room for growth.